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We are your technology service partner.

Our business is delivering modern Actionable Business outcomes driven by technology and industry reliability.

“Actionable Business Intelligence + Our Team
= world-class solutions for your organization or business”

Energy & Construction

Our solutions are delivered to satisfy rigorous industry standards and regulations.


Delivering organizational efficiencies for agile business and organizations.


Partnering with governments in delivering modern service to citizens.

Mechanical & Engineering

As engineers we understand  rigorous industry standards and regulations.

Enterprise Drones

Our drones can be deployed with various payloads. Solutions are applicable for business and governments. 

Class One Systems

Who We Are

We also provide, deploy, and support several specialized technology solutions for business and government.


We deliver business products & solutions engaged through a collaborative approach, resulting in tailored business solutions.

We offer

Oil & Gas Industry Services & Products

  • Lubricants, Cleaners, Sealants and Equipment for the oil and gas industry
  • Gas detection systems for the Oil & gas industry to mitigate accidents
  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Camera Systems for Classified Area Locations, onshore and offshore.
  • High-Definition Surveying,3-Dimensional laser scanning hardware, software

Technology enabled solutions

  • Technology-enabled Social Distancing Solutions
  • Local Caribbean CCTV Cloud Storage
  • RFID Locks to protect businesses and homes
  • Enterprise Fire Detection Systems for critical infrastructure
  • Digital service kiosks for business and government in the new normal
  • 3-Dimensional Sonar Scanning, hardware, software

Actionable Engineering Intelligence