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Mechanical & Engineering

Today’s Mechanical & Engineering sectors are among the broadest business groups. These sectors are often highly regulated, and security and safety are paramount. Working with you, we address your needs with products and solutions delivered to satisfy rigorous industry standards and regulations.

Valve Lubricants, Fittings and
Valve Maintenance Programs

Valve Lubricants and fittings: we offer all of the tools you’ll need. Get access to the know-how that saves pipeline operators millions in unnecessary shut-down costs.

Oil and Spill Detection

Mitigate risk, reduce costs associated with potential spills, and protect the environment. Our Oil Spill Detection and Monitoring can detect and contain oil leaks and spills with the Slick Sleuth oil spill monitoring system.

Waste Management

Waste Management solutions are critical to ensuring tomorrow’s world for the next generation. Our solutions can improve your waste collection efficiency by 50% and more.


Security for some processes and locations is more than a stand-alone camera system. We offer Scan Systems Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Camera Systems for classified area locations both onshore and offshore.

Crane Safe
Load Indicators

Lifting operations at sea are regarded as critical and can be difficult and dangerous. An offshore crane is the “lifeline” between the offshore installation/vessel and the supply chain onshore. We provide the world-class Aanderaa solutions used across the Oil & Gas industry.

Explosion Proof

We offer the Hernis brand of advanced camera-based surveillance systems for marine and oil & gas installations worldwide. Our solutions contribute to increased efficiency and provide safety for people and equipment in hazardous areas and under extreme conditions.

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