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We offer Caribbean governments transformative solutions, in sectors such as Law Enforcement, Border Control,  crowd management and more which we can design by combining current capacities with the innovation of new and emerging technologies.

Terrain Mapping, Crime Scene
Investigation and more.

We can provide a complete UAV solution for surveying and construction enables fast and flexible data collection for efficient project delivery providing you quick access to critical information to perform your day-to-day work.

National Waste
Management Systems

Waste Management solutions are critical to ensuring tomorrow’s world for the next generation. Our solutions can improve your waste collection efficiency by 50% and more.

Coastal Security
& Management

We offer governments enterprise-grade coastal management solutions. We offer advanced and innovative monitoring products and systems designed to be Interoperable, secure and safe.

Thermal Radar Intrusion
Detection and Security Systems

Intrusion Detection and Security Systems (IDSS) for critical infrastructure, data centers and other high-risk installations, traditional IDSS can fail. We offer enterprise and Government grade Thermal radar, thermal intrusion detection systems approved by several international security agencies.

IP Driven
Service Kiosks

VoIP/IP solution kiosks are the new evolution of digital government services. Self-service kiosks are interactive 5G mobile/IP  terminals access to mobile app/web services. These can be configured as Bill payment stations, help desk or virtual concierge service to citizens and visitors alike.

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