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How explosion proofs camera benefits critical operations

Explosion-proof cameras are vital to safety in combustible work sites. The monitoring devices help reduce exposure to volatile compounds and dangerous sections of the facility, such as elevated walkways, tanks and entry/exit points of confined spaces.

Flameproof cameras can serve as an extra set of “eyes” – that never get tired, are always on and perform monitoring duties in an error-free manner. These features help make operations at the site more productive, while offering peace of mind for individuals at the front lines conducting hands-on tasks, from welding and inspections to installing equipment in hard-to-reach areas of the building.

What Makes a Camera Explosion Proof?

An explosion proof camera is a Class-rated unit (Class I, II or III/Division 1 & 2) that is protected by non-sparking materials and is capable of containing ignitions within the device. To ensure reliability, the unit is typically protected by a stainless or copper-free aluminium enclosure that can be NEMA-rated for protection against outdoor elements – water spray, moisture, corrosion, oil, dust and external ice formation.

Applications for explosion-proof cameras vary greatly. Our Technical team can discuss with you areas where your operations can benefit from explosion-proof cameras. We offer the Hernis brand of advanced camera-based surveillance systems for marine and oil & gas installations worldwide. Our solutions contribute to increased efficiency and provide safety for people and equipment in hazardous areas and under extreme conditions.

HERNIS is a leading CCTV systems-house in the marine and Oil & Gas industry. We provide everything required to succeed with CCTV projects of any size and complexity. Our turnkey CCTV solutions are designed to perform safely and reliably under the most extreme corrosive and physically demanding environments.

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