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Thermal Imaging, for Enterprise and Government security.

A thermal imaging camera, known colloquially as a TIC, uses thermographic technologies: by rendering infrared radiation as visible light, such cameras allow users to see elements, such as a person, animals or anything with a heat footprint. They are often used in firefighting.

Class one systems represent Thermal Imaging Radar, a privately held entity in the United States. The award-winning thermal imaging company provide the world’s first continuously rotating 360-degree thermal surveillance system.

A state-of-the-art, affordable thermal camera solution has long been an impossibility. Many organizations desiring to deploy such a solution have found that they simply could not afford such a luxury item until now. Thermal Radar is now affordable and applicable in a myriad of business applications within the business verticals we support.

Each Thermal Radar covers up to 200 acres with continuous 360° thermal surveillance thereby ensuring wide-area detection. These systems can be used as a standalone detection outpost or the centrepiece of your integrated physical security strategy.

Some common applications of thermal cameras in a varied includes Gas Detection, Security, Critical need first responses to emergencies and more.

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