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Service Kiosks for Business & Governments

Today’s businesses, organizational entities and even governments are embracing next-generation, interactive kiosks as a way to reach new clients, connect with existing customers and provide e-government solutions. When integrated with advanced technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics, these kiosk solutions can provide valuable insights and more convenient and engaging experiences.

A modern kiosk can be defined as a stand-alone computational and telephony-enabled terminal that is developed and deployed to provide transactional services to several service groups. These modern kiosks have been deployed successfully in retail, banking, hospitality, government, and service sectors.

There are several advantages to deploying a modern kiosk in your service sector.

Kiosks as Virtual Assistants
A kiosk can be a virtual assistant and provide personalized information and recommendations. These can support AI-powered chatbots.

Audience Profiling
Smart kiosks can have AI-enabled sensors and cameras that can help with the face detection and profiling of kiosk users. It can also provide insights into user behaviour and buying patterns.

Targeted Promotions
Advertisements, discount offers, and relevant information on the kiosk screen can be offered based on the viewer profile. Advanced cloud computing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities have made these functionalities possible.

Government to Community/Business Service Centres.
VoIP/IP solution kiosks are the new evolution of digital government services. These Self-service kiosks are interactive 5G mobile/IP terminals with access to mobile app/web services. They can be configured as Bill payment stations, help desks or virtual concierge services to citizens and visitors alike.

Class One systems offer a kiosk solution that supports any configurable services including, payment system support. Get in touch with us for more.